Proposal: add new tag

Hey community :wave:

I became a member of this forum just yesterday, as I’m beginning on my second journey with Dash. My first experience was three years ago, and it’s clear that a lot has happened since then – I can’t wait to begin developing my application!

I’m also sure that this community will be incredibly helpful in my journey.

I do have a small suggestion though: would it be possible (and helpful to others) if you people created a “deployment” tag or something similar? Currently, if I’m looking to explore posts about deployment, I mainly have to rely on the search functionality.


Hey @VildMedPap welcome to the forums.

I like the idea of the new tag deployment. Feel free to use it whenever you create a topic.

This however does not guarantee, that a topic which deals with deployment is tagged as such- this depends on the user.

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hi @VildMedPap
Welcome to the community.

This is a great video on deploying Dash apps, made by community member P.O.

Hi @adamschroeder.

I viewed the video following your introductory series. However, I’m in search of more advanced deployment options, such as those on AWS with AWS Cognito / Auth0 for user management and so forth. Currently, I’m developing a dashboard for a client who wants it to be hosted on AWS, complete with user management, https, and all that jazz.

While I’m familiar with Dash Enterprise services, given that this is currently the only dashboard I’m working on for a client, I’m not inclined to invest in Dash Enterprise just yet. Therefore, I’m on the lookout for tutorials, guides, or any resources that can help with self-deployment to start with.


Hello @VildMedPap,

Deploying a dash app is similar to deploying a flask app, as the dash app is built by default on flask. Notably, you need to run the flask server from the dash app using gunicorn.

As far as incognito, you can use dash-auth for this purpose. Use AWS as your identity provider, and you should be good to go.

HTTPS should be handled by the place where you are hosting the site, this makes it easier for sure, since you don’t have to worry about passing the cert to the flask server.

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Hi @jinnyzor.

Thank you very much for those tips. They will be incredibly helpful in guiding me towards the right direction to gather more information and reach my end goal.

If you come across or know of any resources that touch on the topics you’ve mentioned, please don’t hesitate to share them :pray:

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