Prop Not Updating

I’m new to creating custom Plotly Dash components and I’m running into an issue where a prop (layoutUpdate) is not updating after a callback has been triggered. Strangely props.loading_state shows that props.loading_state.prop_name is the expected property name.

I can further confirm that the prop information for layoutUpdate is being sent to the client because if I change the name or type of the Output to an improper value I get an error message claiming as much. So the data is being sent, it’s just not making it to the component’s render() or (more importantly in my case) shouldComponentUpdate() methods.

Given that I’m new, I’m not really sure where to begin in debugging this. I’m happy to provide more context if that’s required.

If it helps here’s my repo (generated from the custom component cookiecutter) and the example usage:

Never mind. Managed to figure it out.

How did you fix this?