Write to property of a custom dash component

Hi, I created a custom dash component and was able to read in changes that were made to its props as Input in my dash app but I can’t seem to figure out how to do the opposite. How do I send data from my dash app to my custom component?
I’m trying to edit two numeric properties of my custom component through a callback. The callback triggers as intended but the properties in the output field of the callback do not update.

I tried adding ‘setProps’: PropTypes.func to my propTypes like some dash html components have. SetProps worked to change the value to a specified value within my component but how do I allow the property to change from a callback?

React dev tools show that both the props and the state of my component have updated as intended but my app is behaving according to the value passed at initialization.

EDIT: I managed to fix it. I realized it was more of a React issue rather than a Dash issue.


can you tell what needs to be changed to fix this? facing same issue.