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Problems with plotly in R studio

Having trouble changing how my heat map looks in ploytly. I’m using R studio. I have tried adding a title, changing the layout and adding a trace. However, the graph in the viewer is not changing. I have tried refreshing the viewer and looking through an external window. I am connected to the internet.


plotflow = function(varname,ind_dest, ind_orig, geo_dest, geo_orig, qtr){
dummy = findit(ind_dest, ind_orig, geo_dest, geo_orig, qtr)

Here, I re-factor the variables so that the x and y axes scale correctly

plot_ly(type=“heatmap”, z=eval(parse(text=paste(“dummy”,"$",varname,sep=""))), x=factor(dummy$industry), y=factor(dummy$industry_orig),
colors = “Spectral”)%>%
layout(title = “Look at me”)