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Problem creating an 'ALL' in drop-down menu

I want to include all my drop down items as an “ALL” option.

However, it shows error when i implement it. The error message is shown below

Is there any way around it?
Or any alternatives?
I saw people have searched it up before but it’s not solved yet?

Thank you!

Hi @unicornsneversleep
The way I got around this is in the function that comes after the callback. In the Dropdown options for All, I did:

{'label': "All", 'value':"all"}

And in the function, just filter your data accordingly. For example, if you’re using Pandas:

def update_graph(dropdown_value):
    if dropdown_value == 'flexible':
        dff = df[df["column_name"]==dropdown_value]
    if dropdown_value==all:
        dff=df   #dataframe not filtered so all column values will be present 
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