Porting a custom pivot table component into dash


I would like to port this modified react-pivot table into dash - GitHub - jjagielka/react-pivottable-grouping: React-based drag'n'drop pivot table with Plotly.js charts

This is a fork of react-pivottable with grouping feature. I’ve poked around with dash-component-boilerplate and have managed to create a simple single js file component and it worked well.

Now while porting the pivot table fork, I’ve some questions:

  1. Exporting multiple react components from single file

For example, react-pivottable-grouping/PivotTableUI.jsx at master · jjagielka/react-pivottable-grouping · GitHub
exports DraggableAttribute, Dropdown and PivotTableUI

Does dash require only one component to be exported from a js file? What is the best strategy to deal with such cases?

  1. Pivot table fork has several files - js and jsx

Does dash-generate-components need to be run on all JS and JSX files? How to deal with
Error: No suitable component definition found.