Multiple Components in Dash React Boilerplate


I´d like to know if it is possible to generate multiple React Components in one boilerplate. I thought that i managed to to it a week ago, but now it doesnt work anymore. Shouldnt you be able to have multiple .js files in the src/lib/component which u can than referenc ein dash as “projectname”.“componentname”? The autofill shows me all the different options but when loading the Dash “componentname” was not found in “projectname”.

Any help?


Hi @seferoezcan,
Don’t take the following for granted, but I think yes you can, and you juste have to add all your components in the lib/components folder, like below: image
Then you have to build them, as explained in the tutorial, so that all the python files and dependencies are generated.
Finally, in order to use them, you shall follow the instructions given in the README file : “Create a production build and publish”

That worked for me

Yeah, i figured it out now too. The index.js needs to import all the Components form the js files.
Thx tho.