Ploty.js vertical resizing

So Im using vue-grid-layout , which is dynamic dnd and resizable layout. Now in each of the boxes I’m rendering plotlyjs charts.

Problem is with vertical resizing. Horizontal works fine, when I increase width, I rerender chart component with plotly.react(), when I resize vertically same happens, but chart stays with 450px height.

Now I haven’t put 450px anywhere, so I assume it’s internal plotly value, but I’m not sure how to change that.

I tried adding in layout autosize: true and useResizeHandler: true but to no avail

  <div class="user-select-none svg-container" style="position: relative; width: 100%; height: 450px;"></div>

Height is still hardcoded as you can see.

How can I deal with this?

nobody can help with vertical resize?

Fixed with

style="height: 100%;"

on plotly container.