Plotting multiple traces at once

Usually when I need to plot multiple traces I do that with the help of a for loop.

Why wouldn’t it be possible to simply do it like this:

fig = go.Figure()
fig.add_scatter(y = np.random.normal(size=(4,10)))

You’re pretty close to what it should be! It’s actually .add_trace instead.
This should do the trick:

fig = go.Figure()
for _ in range(4):
            go.Scatter(y = np.random.normal(size=(4,10))

add_scatter() does the same thing as add_trace(go.Scatter()) actually.

If @ursus’ question is a design question, I guess the answer is basically that Plotly.js doesn’t work that way, and the API tries to stay close to the way Plotly.js works. In fact you can give more-than-1-dimensional data to y or x but that doesn’t yield multiple traces: it instead forces your axis into multi-category mode (max of 2-dimensional at the moment!)

It is a design question.

Most of the plotting functions I’ve used allow for this behavior. And I think that is a natural behavior.

Would it be possible to overload the way Plotly.js works to allow for that functionality?

Not a pressing issue.