Plotly visualization in Excel - Request

because nobody responded to my previous post I started nagging Anaconda on LinkedIn about adding Plotly to Microsoft Excel, and they recommended to start the topic in the cloud community forum, and after Dave Gibbon support, I did. You can also do it here>>> Packages - Anaconda Community

Please guys lets push together for Plotly adoption in Excel.

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Great news for us!
Anaconda and Microsoft are working on how to display Plotly visualisation within excel!:blush:

Out of real curiosity, why would you use Excel and Anaconda to create plotly graphs?

Because you want to incorporate great Visualisations with native Excel’s Illustrations, Pictures, Validations, 3D graphs, 3D models…Than you can match Dash enterprise capabilities, for the price that you already paying for Microsoft 365, and without using JavaScript. For Data Analysts, Data Scientists and advanced Excel users, in small and mid sized companies, this is going to be great! There are over 1.1 billion Excel users, at least 1/3 of them will appreciate this.