Getting data from an excel sheet

Hi, if I want numbers up the yaxis, do I need a field for this in the excel file?

Or can I crate one in a plotly chart independent of the excel file

Hi thanks for this, but I just need to do it jupyter notebook. Not dash. Is this possible?

O I see. I was hoping to use plotly and jupyter notebook. I thought this was the plotly forum? I am on my phone but may have pressed the wrong forum.

Yes, this forum is for ploty so sorry for give you info from Dash.

You can use plotly with jupyter notebook.

Take a look this information:

Hi, thank you. Thatโ€™s actually very helpful and I have bookmarked it. I have also read through it but still unsure how I create a number scale up the y axis.

data = [go.Bar(x=df.School,

The gap is numbers that go up the side, but these numbers are in the csv file. Iโ€™m wondering if there is a way to create numbers in the y axis without pulling the data from a csv file, or do I need to include this in the excel file?


Basically Iโ€™m a bit unsure how I add numbers. I think I need to rewrite my whole excel sheet. Because I donโ€™t have anything that gives the total values if that makes sense.

When I get home I will post a screenshot.


Hello FREDDY33

Here you have a example using a range. I hope that goin to be useful.

# imports
from plotly.offline import download_plotlyjs, init_notebook_mode, plot, iplot
import pandas as pd
import plotly.graph_objs as go
import numpy as np

# setup

# data
x = np.linspace(0, 1, 50)
y = np.cumsum(np.random.randn(50))

# line
trace = go.Scatter(

# layout
layout = go.Layout(yaxis=dict(range=[-4,4])

# Plot
fig = go.Figure(data=[trace], layout=layout)

Hi, thanks for this, this works really well.

This: `layout = go.Layout(yaxis=dict(range=[0, 10])

Thanks for all the help on this, its appreciated.

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Im sure i wrote this?