Plotly tree chart is showing the wrong information

In the sheet below, the columns ‘teto’ and ‘resto’ are being used to define the size of the squares and its colors, respectively. I filtered one path(eletricidade) as an example :

The code :

  def grafico_arvore(dataframe):
        import as px
        import numpy as np
        import pandas as pd
        df = dataframe
        fig = px.treemap(df, path=['renda_despesa','categoria1', 'categoria2','categoria3'], values='teto',
                          color='resto', hover_data=['categoria3'],
                          color_continuous_midpoint=np.average(df['resto'], weights=df['teto']))

The resulting chart :

The problem : The value ‘resto’ of the square ‘eletricidade’, highlighted in the chart image, is being showed as
263.2857(…), but it should be 348, since in the sheet (image) those 2 rows are the only ones matching the path of the ‘eletricidade’ square, and both sum is 348.

I think its a problem inside the function(grafico_arvore) … Something may be setted to do something else with the ‘resto’ column that isnt sum.