Plotly Timeseries graph w/ many lines rendering incorrectly


I’m experiencing a weird bug where when I try to render > 70 lines on a timeseries graph, the plot draws some strange shaded “gradient” space underneath the true data points. Here is a picture:

when I remove two particular plots, XTU59:1 and XTU59:2, the problem goes away:

Here is proof that the data points for those two plots do not go under 0 and render properly on their own:

(note: the data for both of these lines is exactly the same so they render on top of one another)

Any ideas? I’m plotting this graph using plotly.graph_objects, and adding the traces in a loop using add_trace(go.Scatter(…))

My code seems to work perfectly with < 50 or so traces. After some upper limit, things start to get weird. Is there some upper limit to the number of traces we can add to a timeseries graph?