Plotly Table not showing words with space

Hello, this same error occurs in python.

Plotly Table not showing words with space

When I render tables with spaces the tables do not render those words (see screenshot below)


Any ideas / solutions you guys might know for this?

Thank you very much,


Thanks for sharing. Can you please share your code so we have a reproducible example, or is it the exact same code that is in the github link that you added?
I’d like to test it on my computer

I encounter the same issue when using plotly tables in streamlit.
After switching to β€œtab2” and hitting the button there all cells with spaces inside the table in tab1 are missing.

Here is a short code snippet for testing:

import plotly.graph_objects as go
import streamlit as st

fig = go.Figure()
    header=dict(values=["Header1", "Header2 with space"]),
            ["text with spaces"] * 30,
            ["text_without_spaces"] * 30,
tab1, tab2 = st.tabs(["Tab1", "Tab2"])
tab1.button("Get text back")

with tab2:
    st.button("Text tab 1 disappears")

Apart from this issue I am very happy with the features and functionality of plotly tables!