Plotly set config option on plot in HTML, not using show() function

I have two plotly figures converted to json, I am passing them into an HTML template, and then rendering this template in browser:

fig1_json = fig1.to_json()
fig2_json = fig2.to_json()

with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile('w', delete=False, suffix='.html') as f:
    url = 'file://' +

template = """<html>
            <script src=""></script>

            <div id='divPlotly' style="margin: 20px"></div>
            <div id='divPlotly2' style="overflow-x: auto; margin: 0px 25px;" ></div>
                var plotly_3d = {0}
                Plotly.react('divPlotly',, plotly_3d.layout);
                var plotly_table = {1}
                Plotly.react('divPlotly2',, plotly_table.layout);


This works fine but I want to set a config option {“staticPlot”: true} on the table figure, I tried in template:

 Plotly.setPlotConfig = ({"staticPlot": true}); 


 plotly_table.config = ({"staticPlot": true}); 


Plotly.react('divPlotly2',, plotly_table.layout, {"staticPlot": true} )

but this doesn’t work. I am getting an error KeyError: ‘“staticPlot”’. How can set the config option in this situation? Thanks