Is there a way to change the default config options (defined in plot_config.js) from the python API?

I want to change the default value for a particular config option. I’m using the python library, but the defaults are defined in plotly.js. Is there a way to edit them at runtime? Or some way to override them in python?

In case it’s relevant, I want to change the default value for toImageButtonOptions.scale. In my view, the default value (1) leads to low quality images.

Hi @grisaitis

You can modify the config settings in python as well - Configuration in Python

Thanks for your reply, @atharvakatre :slight_smile:

to clarify: my goal is to configure a global setting somewhere. i’m aware i can do, but i want to avoid having to do that every. time. i. call. which is many times!

is there way to configure something globally? so that has a different config option automagically?