Add config to Figure (fig) not using

Im using a Python module, streamlit_plotly_events. It is a Javascript wrapper which accepts the Figure object as a parameter. I.e.

from streamlit_plotly_events import plotly_events
chart_selected = plotly_events(fig, click_event=False, hover_event=True)

The above command both displays the chart and passes any chart-selected data back to chart_selected.

I’m setting the modebar parameters using config. I.e.

config = {
                  # This adds the "save as svg" button  
                  'toImageButtonOptions': {
                    'format': 'svg', # one of png, svg, jpeg, webp
                    'filename': svgfilename,
                    'height': 640,
                    'width': 1024,
                    'scale': 1 # Multiply title/legend/axis/canvas sizes by this factor
                  # This adds the plotly feature to draw markers on chart
                } = config)

However, I have not found a way to accomplish this using the plotly_events() method.

Can the configuration of fig be updated separately - before passing it to plotly_events(). I.e. fig.display_update(config) or something?

I’ve looked at the docs but I’m not divining if one of these does what I need (based on the config dict.)