Plotly Scattermapbox marker not showing when "marker+text" selected


I created a map with lat and lon data and a third column with the numbers of the rows. What I want is to see the numbers of the row on the map out of the box and I have this is text = "df["numbers"]. I use mapbox with a free token.

When I have mode="markers each marker on the map is shown. But when I want to add text on the map with mode="markers+text then nothing on the map is shown. No marker and no text on the map. The hover does work.

Why is the marker missing when I add text? In another project the same code works fine.

Can you share the code? There’s also an example at the bottom of this page - maybe it helps: Scatter plots on mapbox in Python

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I solved it. My text column was an integer, I converted it to string and now it works.:slight_smile: