Plotly scattermapbox : colorscale doesn't work with symbol marker

I am trying to change the marker symbol in a scattermapbox from circle to marker; as I am using hexagon overlays in choroplethmapbox that look quite similar and it becomes hard to distinguish. When I update the marker symbox, I see the change in icon but the colorscale doesn’t work. colorscale works when the symbox is circle.

Does plotly scattermapbox not support colorscale with marker symbox yet? Code snippet below for reference:


                        "type": "scattermapbox",
                        "lat": df1['Lat'],
                        "lon": df1['Long'],
                        "name": "Location",
                        "hovertext": df1['Name'],
                        "showlegend": False,
                        "hoverinfo": "text",
                        "mode": "markers",
                        "clickmode": "event+select",
                        "customdata": df1.loc[:,cd_cols].values,
                        "marker": {
                            "autocolorscale": False,
                            "symbol": "marker",
                            "size": 10,
                            "opacity": 0.8,
                            "color": df1['value'],
                            "colorscale": "YlOrRd",
                            "cmin": df1['value'].min(),
                            "cmax": df1['value'].max(),
                                            title= 'Value',
                                            orientation= 'v',
                                            side= 'left',
                                            thickness= 20,
                                            titleside= 'top',
                                            ticks= 'outside'