Plotly orca - write image errror

Hi, I am using ubuntu 18.04. When I try to run the fig.write_image() command I get the following error:

The error encountered is that unexpected output was returned by the command
$ /usr/bin/orca --help

b’Usage: orca [-h] [-v] [-r] [-s] [-l] [-e OPTION] [-d OPTION] [-p NAME]\n [-u DIR] [–debug-file FILE] [–debug]\n\nOptional arguments:\n -h, --help Show this help message and exit\n -v, --version 3.28.0\n -r, --replace Replace a currently running instance of this\n screen reader\n -s, --setup Set up user preferences (GUI version)\n -l, --list-apps Print the known running applications\n -e OPTION, --enable OPTION Force use of option\n -d OPTION, --disable OPTION Prevent use of option\n -p NAME, --profile NAME Load profile\n -u DIR, --user-prefs DIR Use alternate directory for user preferences\n --debug-file FILE Send debug output to the specified file\n --debug Send debug output to debug-YYYY-MM-DD-\n

Everything seems to work perfectly, I can use the orca binary, so I don’t even understand why is the script complaining.
Could anyone help me out?
Thank you!