Plotly.js performance in dashboard with multiple plots


I am trying to create a dashboard using plotly.js with multiple plots contains around 100k data points in each one. These plots all need to communicate to each other to select common data points. For example, after manually making a selection in one plot, the other plots need to restyle and update the same data points. I calculated the time it takes to restyle a plot is around 2 seconds and with 10 plots, it sits idle for around 20 seconds while each plots updates.

any advice is greatly appreciated.


Would you mind sharing a reproducible example or a snippet of your work to help us help you?

Without additional info, there’s not much we can tell you other than using scattergl instead of scatter for your scatter points.

thank you…I noticed a significant boost to the performance by just changing it from scatter to scattergl. However, I was wondering if there is a way to remove the selection box right after a selection is made on a graph?

Hi, Jason
Would you mind telling me how to communicate to each other to select common data points?