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3D, Scatter3D and Mesh3D poor performance when restyle data very often (in ms)

I am trying to improve the performance in my Scatter3d with Mesh3D plot.
The code is basically this main example:

but the data is not static.
Otherwise, I have a ‘websocket’ running (JS obviously) and is receiving the data around every 100ms.
The data is between 100 to 200 points (X,Y,Z each point), and is refreshing the 3D plot as soon as possible.

After measuring the performance, I noticed that it takes between 1 to 1.5 sec to refresh every time.
The code to restyle is like this:

Plotly.restyle(‘myDiv’, {‘x’: [currAxisX], ‘y’: [currAxisY], ‘z’: [currAxisZ]},[1]);
Plotly.restyle(‘myDiv’, {‘x’: [currAxisX], ‘y’: [currAxisY], ‘z’: [currAxisZ]},[0]);

The initial data info is:
var data = [{
x: axisX,
y: axisY,
z: axisZ,
mode: ‘markers’,
type: ‘scatter3d’,
marker: {color: ‘rgb(23, 190, 207)’,size: 2}
alphahull: 7,
opacity: 0.1,
type: ‘mesh3d’,
x: axisX,
y: axisY,
z: axisZ

Does anyone know how to improve the whole performance? or is it always going to be like that?
Remember, I only see this problem with “3D rendering” because with “2D”, I don’t have any problem. with 2D, plotly can handle the websocket data.
The page running a 3D plot starts getting very slow after a few seconds. For example, when I press F5, it takes like 5-10 seconds to process the action.

Thanks, I hope I was clear with my problem