Plotly.js + crossfilter.js (scatterplot)


Well, I am trying to recreate a dashboard with plotly.js+crossfilter.js, which initially was built with dash.

I cannot create this scatter plot: (dash plotly)

This is how it looks: (plotly.js+crossfilter.js)

I am just playing with this sample code for now and the results are under my expectations. I tried something with “transforms: groupby/ filter”, but it didn’t work.

var trace =
type: ‘scatter’,
x: getXY(scatterPlotGroupX.all()).x,
y: getXY(scatterPlotGroupY.all()).x,
mode: ‘markers’,
marker: {
size: 8,
color: getXY(scatterPlotGroupY.all()).x

  var data = [trace];

  var layout = {
    xaxis: {
      title: selectionX,
    yaxis: {
      title: selectionY,

  Plotly.newPlot('myDiv', data, layout);

Any ideas/ some reference?

I’ve done it. It was a problem with the crossfilter, I was creating two different dimensions for axis and I had to use only one.