Plotly is Incompatible with Big Endian Orders from numpy

So i have done a little more digging and i finaly have a reproductible code example that shows the problem exactly for people that might stumble upon this.(Weird behaviour of Scatterplot)

big_endian = np.linspace(0,50,50,dtype=np.dtype(">f8"))
little_endian = np.linspace(0,50,50,dtype=np.dtype("<f8"))

print("Equivalence of Dtypes:",big_endian.dtype  == little_endian.dtype)
print("Equivalence of Values for Python \n" ,big_endian == little_endian)

trace = go.Scatter(x = little_endian)

trace = go.Scatter(x = big_endian)

This will show two different figures tho the values are supposed to be equivalent and i conclude that Plotly does not like big endian ordering. Maybe someone from the Plotly Team will see this and adress this issue.