Plotly html file in iframe got downloaded instead of displayed

Hi there,

I am using plotly offline to write plot to hmtl file. And then upload those file to google cloud storage.
I want to display the html file using iframe. But when I open the page containing the iframe, the plotly html file just got downloaded and not displayed on the iframe.
Other html file can be displayed using the same iframe.

Is there any way to display the plotly result in iframe?


Edit: nevermind, turn out i need to set the content type when writing to gcs.

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the hmtl file expires after a certain amount of time- do u know how to deal with that issue? ( when displayed on webpage?)

The link changed after you open it.

Use the original link, the one that still have readable path and filename, not the one that generated after you click/open the original link.

What do u mean exactly? I currently have a hmtl plotly file on my desktop and when I put that into vs code it expires after couple of hours and it automatically adds .icloud extension to it. I would really appreciate your help!

where do i find the original link exactly?

Ah, I put the html files in Google cloud storage, so there is a link to there.
I am not familiar with the local/desktop one as I don’t put the file in desktop.

I ll try doing that. thank you so much!