Visual Studio Code - Plotly iframe renderer broken

I’ve been using Plotly in Python notebooks on Visual Studio Code, and been really happy with the working environment etc. From VSCode version 1.56 it seems a change has been made to the way it handles iframes, it seems Microsoft have removed support for local files as the iframe src. Among the consequences of this change is that the Plotly iframe renderer is broken on VSCode. The html files are still created in the usual place, but the rendering in the cell output now looks like this:

Which I take to mean “you’re trying to use a local file as resource and I’m not going to allow that”.
This is really unfortunate as I have large graphics that I don’t want to bloat my notebook.

Anyway, I know this isn’t really Plotly’s problem but it would be nice to hear if others have encountered this or if there’s a work around.