Plotly Graph Objects Subplots - add_vrect not working

The vrect example at [Time Series Regions with Rectangle Shapes] [1]: Shapes in Python does not work with subplots.

e.g. If the fig (Figure object) is constructed as go.Fugure() the code works. But fig object returned by make_subplots() doesnโ€™t.

   #fig = go.Figure()
    fig = make_subplots(rows=2, cols=1,
                        row_heights=[0.15, 0.85],
                        specs=[[{'type': 'xy'}], [{'type': 'table'}]],

    # Add shape regions
        x0="2015-02-04", x1="2015-02-13",
        fillcolor="LightSalmon", opacity=0.5,
        layer="below", line_width=0,

Cannot add shape to subplot at position (2, 1) because subplot
is of type domain.

This limits highlight features only to standalone plots vs mixed subplots (plotly.subplots)

Anyone else facing this issue?