Plotly Gantt Chart: Stack Parallel Tasks

Hi Plotly community!

I have been struggling to get my Gantt Chart to look just right due to overlapping bars. Here is a small example:

import as px
import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame([
    dict(Task="Job A", Start='2009-01-01', Finish='2009-02-28', Resource="Alex"),
    dict(Task="Job B", Start='2009-02-25', Finish='2009-04-15', Resource="Alex"),
    dict(Task="Job C", Start='2009-02-23', Finish='2009-05-23', Resource="Max"),
    dict(Task="Job D", Start='2009-02-20', Finish='2009-05-30', Resource="Max")

fig = px.timeline(df, x_start="Start", x_end="Finish", y="Resource", color="Resource")

What I am trying to achieve is something that looks just like this without the dotted line going down the middle:

Also note these graphs and their data have nothing to do with each other. Iā€™m unable to figure out how the owner of the bottom chart created this graph but I am looking to stack the overlapping bars. For each label on the y-axis my dataset could have several processes that are all overlapping and these must be represented in this way (stacked vertically).

A code snippet with a working example of this would be excellent and highly appreciated!

Thank you!

Leaving a comment here just in case somebody knows the code for that figure. Also want to achieve exactly that, but apparently no one has an answer for it yet.