Plotly facet row error

i am getting below error in my code if anyone can suggest

ValueError at /api-delails/getSubscriberBuckets
Vertical spacing cannot be greater than (1 / (rows - 1)) = 0.058824.
The resulting plot would have 18 rows (rows=18).
Use the facet_row_spacing argument to adjust this spacing.

        fig =, x="TIME",y=['SUCC','FAIL'],  color='INSTANCE_NAME' , title=api+ ' (Success)',
                                 facet_col='INSTANCE_NAME',facet_col_wrap=2,height=2000  )
        fig_failed =, x="TIME",y=['FAIL'],  color='INSTANCE_NAME' , title=api+' (Failed)',
                                 facet_col='INSTANCE_NAME',facet_col_wrap=2,height=2000  )

        fig.update_layout( autosize=True, width=1500, height=1500, barmode ='relative')
        fig.update_xaxes(showticklabels=True) # assuming second facet
        fig.update_layout( title_x=0.5)
        plot_div = plot(fig, output_type='div', include_plotlyjs=False,config= {'displaylogo': False})
        fig_failed.update_layout( autosize=True, width=1500, height=1500, barmode ='relative')
        fig_failed.update_xaxes(showticklabels=True) # assuming second facet
        fig_failed.update_layout( title_x=0.5)
        plot_div_failed = plot(fig_failed, output_type='div', include_plotlyjs=False,config= {'displaylogo': False})
        return plot_div + plot_div_failed```

As the error message says, you’ll need to manually set the facet_row_spacing parameter (in to something less than 0.058…