Plotly express scatter webgl render_mode does not seem to work

Hi guys,

I am trying to run the gapminder bubble animation example from here, but with scatter render_mode set to ‘webgl’.

My modified code is:

import as px
gapminder =
fig = px.scatter(gapminder, x="gdpPercap", y="lifeExp", animation_frame="year", animation_group="country",
           size="pop", color="continent", hover_name="country",
           log_x=True, size_max=55, range_x=[100,100000], range_y=[25,90],

What I am observing in the resulting figure is that the animation stays stuck on the first frame, despite the year slider moving along as expected.
Any ideas about what could be going on here?

That sounds like a bug… would you be able to open an issue at please?

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No problem, done.