No animation possible

Hi I am trying to use Plotly v4.6. I am on VsCode with Python (Python code and jupyter integrated inside Vscode).
Everything is working when I tried website examples except when I tried to replicate the animated graph from the website. For example :

import as px
df =
px.scatter(df, x=“gdpPercap”, y=“lifeExp”, animation_frame=“year”, animation_group=“country”, size=“pop”, color=“continent”, hover_name=“country”, log_x=True, size_max=55, range_x=[100,100000], range_y=[25,90])

I can see the graph but nothing happens. No animation. When I click on the “Play” button or try to change the year on the bar nothing happens. I am stocked on the year 1952 (I can see it when I put the mouse on the bubbles).

I try to implement others examples from here Same result. No animation but I can see the graph and all the buttons.

I have no error message. Nothing seems to be wrong.

Thx for your help.