Plotly express bar - always missing a categorical values in yaxis

Not sure its something very basic that I am missing. Appreciate any help pls. When I am using plotly express bar chart with yaxis being categorical, one of the category is always missing in the graph. For eg - If I have 3 categories only 2 are displayed and the 3rd one is empty. Pls find the issues below - data is from Titanic survival raw data. I plotted Name against Sex. Only Male category are displayed in the graph. Not sure why. Am I missing something?

To add…even I am not using color variable, the issue is same. Here Female category values are displayed and not Male.

You are plotting two categorical variables against each other, I’m not sure what is the expected output in this case. Try to use a numeric variable for the bar height, you should see two bars one for each sex.

Or change orientation to equal horizontal (‘h’)

Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the response. I was trying to show categorical records by group. Using just xaxis (Name) and color (Sex) did solve my purpose.