Plotly Dash Graphs Not Displaying on WAMP Server Despite Working Locally

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a peculiar issue with my Plotly Dash application. Locally, the app runs smoothly, displaying all graphs as expected. However, when deployed on a WAMP server, specific graphs fail to render. Other aspects of the app, including other Plotly graphs, function normally on the server.

I’ve inspected the console and found a “500 Internal Server Error” with a message indicating a “Callback error updating …Graph.figure…” for the affected graphs. This leads me to believe it might be a server-side issue.

Notably, the app involves loading .pkl files for generating these graphs. The same Python version and environment settings are used both locally and on the server to ensure compatibility.

I have tried adjusting the serve_locally settings for CSS and scripts in the app, but this hasn’t resolved the issue. The Apache logs don’t indicate any specific errors related to this, and the setup works fine locally.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue or have insights into what might be causing this discrepancy between the local and server environments? Any suggestions for troubleshooting or resolving this would be greatly appreciated.