Plotly create legend from marker colors

I want a legend for the colors so I can give a description for each color (orange, green, yellow) but have not been able to find a way to do this.

            this.modelData = [
                marker: {
                    color: ILevel) => level.color),
                name: `Attempts per success`,
                type: 'bar',
                x: ILevel) => job.description),
                xaxis: 'x',
                y: ILevel) => job[graphKey]),

As you can see I have only one dataset and I want the color of each value to be described in a legend. When you have multiple datasets in the same graph you automatically get a legend where each dataset has a separate color. Is this possible?

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Not at the moment. You can get one legend item per trace. You can try splitting your x/y data into multiple traces to get the desired result.

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Hello @etienne in 2021 is your suggested method still the only way to achieve the wanted result?