Plotly Chart on SharePoint 2010 (not working)

Dear All - I am new to Javascript and its charting libraries. I have created a chart ( which works perfectly except for the number format which should be in percentages. I tried ticksuffix: option for Z axis but it doesn’t work.

Secondly, when I save this as an HTML file on SharePoint 2010 document’s library or link the HTML file to a Content Editor webpart it doesn’t work. Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

This codepen here: should resolved you first issue.

About SharePoint issue, would you mind copying the exact files you tried to save on SharePoint to help us debug? Thanks.

Dear Etienne - many thanks. Is is possible to have the tickers in % format too?

Regarding the second problem - I have attached the screenshots of source code and the error when open it from a SharePoint (2010) document library. I get a blank page otherwise.

Also, I noted that my HTML code gets modified after loading it to SharePoint library.