Chart with subplot

I need to have a line chart that later on I will programmatically add another trace to. Both will have the same x axis but will share the y axis. The first trace’s y is number based, the second one is percent based. Any example of getting something like this working?


How is projecting the y-axis values from a percentage to absolute numbers with basic javascript functions of any problem here?

Either you have data that is absolute and you can project it to percent by passing it through a javascript function or the other way round or you have data of any kind and want to show it as formatted data of another kind, for this you can use tickformat, which you didn’t look up for another question of yours.

Since the y axis is shared you can only display one tick type so you have to either choose what the ticks will display or you have to concat by providing text manually.

All of this would be clear to you if you would look at docs and try out for yourself instead of posting threads like these: To Plotly staff