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Plotly candlestick chart placed wrong


I am using plotly.graph_objects to plot candlestick charts and have noted that the body of the candlesticks for a 1 minute chart are wrongly centered around the mark when it turns to a new minute when it should be centered right between two minut marks, i.e., at the 30 second mark. I have noted that is the case in other applications displaying candlestick charts, but not in Plotly. When I in the same chart plot events on a second scale it becomes clear that the candlestick body should be centered around the 30 second mark.

Is there a solution to this to move the body of the candlestick 30 seconds to the right on a 1 minute chart?

Best regards,

To clarify a bit: I would like to have the candlestick to be centered between two 1-minute marks since the candlestick is representing the data between those two minutes, i.e., if the two 1-minute marks are 09:30 and 09:31 then I would like to have the candlestick centered at 09:30:30 because the candlestick data represents the data between 09:30:00 and 09:30:59. This is how other charting programs I have seen draws the candlesticks so it would be great if Plotly could do that too.

Thanks for any suggestions!