How to adjust candlestick position

I have a go.Candlestick chart and have noticed that the placing of the candles seems wrong since they are not centered around the middle point of the data range for each candle. In the case of a one minute chart it is centered around the minute mark instead of the 30 second mark between which would be correct since each candle represents the whole minute from :00 to :59. Is there a way to adjust the positioning of the candles? If the only way to do that would be an ugly hack by modifying the plotly code that is fine for me as long as it works :slight_smile:

i attach an example screenshot of a one minute chart (with volume at the bottom) where the green arrow shows an actual price point in time. Hopefully this illustrates why it would be better to have the candles centered around the 30 second mark which also is the way other platforms do it as I have seen.