Plotly 3d Mesh hover on vertices with facecolor

Hi, I have rendered a tetrahedron using 3d mesh. I want every face to have a different color. I’ve achievied this by using facecolor=['#ff1100', '#05eb1c', '#05ebe7', '#eb05bd'], but when I hover on my 3d shape, vertices aren’t displayed.
Only when I use intensity=[0, 0.33, 0.66, 1], intensitymode='vertex' parameters for coloring, it shows the coordinates of vertices.
Is there any way to have both? And by that I mean every face different color and on hover to have info about the vertices coordinates.

@KaKasher Unfortunately you cannot display the vertex coordinates on hover.
But if you are adding a second trace of type scatter3d, mode=“markers”, where x, y, z are the vertex coordinates, and marker_size is small (0.01), to hide this second dummy trace, these coordinates are not shown on hover. Increasing marker size, they get displayed. In the latter case you must choose carefully the marker colors. I didn’t succeed
to assign a marker_size such that to have a nice plot, They appear like some bubbles put on vertices.