Plotly 1.5.0 direct labels not working

I’m trying to render a bar chart with plotly vers. 1.5.0 in javascript and everything seems ok less the fact that I can not render the labels directly on the bars. I’m using “textposition” attribute in a trace but with no luck.
Please advice.


That feature wasn’t included in plotly.js 1.5.0 (which is almost 4 years old).

Switching to the latest version of plotly.js should fix your problem.

Thx Etienne, but unfortunately I render the bar chart in Klipfolio and they support 1.5.0 or earlier.

Thx a lot for info

I quit Klipfolio and I render it with php and javascript. Is it possible to change the direct labels font color?


I found the attribute (textfont). Thx