Plot size when labels and legend is changing

I built an app using holoviz panel and plotly
my data is always changing and my labels can be quite long and the legend can also be quite long…
the length changes every time.
I want to normalize the plot size, no matter what size are my labels and legend text length is
is that somehow possible?
for example here’s a stacked bar chart:

When the labels are longer, and sometimes the legend has also longer text in it, i can barly see plots themselves.
In this case one solution could be to make a button to show/hide the legend, is that somehow possible?
Another option would be to put it below\above the plot but had a bit of trouble doing that without one overlapping the other.

In other cases i have regular box plots, for example with height of 1000px, if the labels are too long they might take the whole screen and i wont see the plots themselves.

I am looking for a way similar to hvplot where i can control the size of the plot frame, and the rest of the size can be dynamic(depending on the length of the labels)

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

any suggestions? :frowning: