Sizing of data labels

I am trying to set the size of data labels for some of the plotly charts but it seems that the labels automatically are set smaller depending on the size of the chart. Is it possible to override this or allow for more customization for the individual data point label sizes and positions.

Is the resizing of data labels not supported or limited by the chart size and amount of data points? I have tried overriding it but no luck. When I increase the chart size or remove data points the labels get bigger again.

textposition=β€˜outside’, textfont=dict(size=16),

Pls help. I love plotly

Hey @John-Luca, I fear there is no way to customize that. I think due to the interactivity of the plots you have to kind of accept some things. The legend is on of these things which is not really customizable as well as certain fonts or font sizes.

If you take a closer look to your graph you’ll notice that the 3 digit numbers have a bigger font size as the 4 digit numbers to align them within the width of the bar.

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Thank you for letting me know, good to know that it is not something I misconfigured then.
Does the same apply to the scatter plots? Is there a way to add a margin to the labels in order to move them up?

Do you know if this topic is something that will be developed further in the future or will it stay this way to ensure consistent behaviour? I understand data labels are a tricky topic for most data visualization tools.