Plot redraw between mesh3d and scatter 3d

Hello, I have data for a n number of points (X,Y,Z) all in a scatter3d plot.
The problem is when i try to use Ploty.redraw after change the type atribute to mesh3d it doesnt work. It gave me this error:
plotly-latest.min.js:43 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘x’ of undefined.
It doesnt work from mesh3d to scatter3d neither but if i pass it first to scatter and then to scatter3d from mesh or backwards it works fine.
I was wondering if this is a kind of error or there is an special command?
Thank you very much for your answer ^^,

If someone could help me understand why this happend would be great =) thx for ur time.

It would be helpful it you post the data set and the code.