Plot not interactve in Medium article

I want to embed an interactive version of my plotly chart in a Medium article, but it’s simply showing up as a link. Does anyone know if this functionality has been discontinued?


It hasn’t been discontinued but we’ve recently made some changes and Medium needs to update something in their end to restore functionality. We’ve made the request and are now waiting for confirmation.

Thank you, Nicolas! Looking forward to updates

Has this issue been fixed?

Not yet… I’ll post an update when we get confirmation from Medium

Hi, still not updates?

I promise I’ll give an update when we have one :slight_smile:

@nicolaskruchten sorry to bother about this, any chance we have a timeline on when you’d expect Medium to confirm? Would it be in the next couple days/couple weeks/couple months?

Been holding off on publishing something due to this. Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be within our control, and they’re not providing a timeline :frowning:

Still no response? Is it possible to rolled out back the changes?

I just did a huge amount of work on producing plotly graphs and it would be a bummer if I cannot plot them on Medium.

Thank you

Good news, this just now started working again :slight_smile:


Thank you @nicolaskruchten, that’s great to hear.

I just tried and still shows me a preview link and not the actual chart. I just copied the link to medium and got the following:

Is there something else I should do to have a proper figure in the post?


So actually clicking on today redirects you to and that is the URL you should use i.e. not, not but :slight_smile:

Nicolas, you’re the man. Thanks for getting this resolved