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Plot multiple Y scatter API Arduino?

I followed an Arduino API Plotly example and was able to create a scatter plot with x, y.

But what if I want to Post multiple Y ? How does that work ?

Here is how it works with 1 Y, how to adjust to 2 ? I have 2 tokens and I can update the code ?

void loop() {

float ext_temp, int_temp;

ext_temp = (sensors.getTempCByIndex(1) * 1.8 + 32.0);
int_temp = (sensors.getTempCByIndex(0) * 1.8 + 32.0);

// now let's stream data to plotly
graph.plot( counter, ext_temp, tokens[0]);


Another issue is that I added this option:

graph.fileopt = “append”;

it’s supposed to append on any Arduino restart, but it doesn’t, it starts from scratch, it is not appending data to the file ??


I have been using “extend” with success for this usecase.

Still haven’t found a way to use separate Y axes, though.