Plot legends but initially be off!

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We know that legends on Plotly can be turn off or on. When we plot, we can turn off data using legends and turn them on again.

I need that initially when the plot becomes appear, the legends be off and user if want to see them turn them on. How can I do it?


you mean like this?

import plotly.graph_objs as go

fig.add_scatter(y=[1, 1, 1],  line={'color': 'red'},name='Firsttrace')
fig.add_scatter(y=[2, 2, 2],  line={'color': 'blue'},name='Secondttrace')
fig.add_scatter(y=[3, 3, 3],  line={'color': 'black'},name='Thirdtrace')
fig.add_scatter(y=[4, 4, 4],  line={'color': 'gold'},name='Forthtrace', visible='legendonly');

The last trace is not shown in the chart but is shown in the legend.



That was exactly what I needed. Thanks :+1: :ok_hand:

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Is there a plotly express equivalent? or we should use this underlying api for this effect?