Plot() hangs when called from AWS

I have a very simple line plot that runs fine from a machine on my home network. When moved to an AWS instance though it creates debug output not seen on my home machine and hangs in the plot call. It does actually create and update the plot on the website but it never returns.

Debug output on AWS:
Openingsocket…plot.lycntacted.Waitingforreply…HTTP/1.1 301 MOVEDPERMANENTLYOpening socket…plot.lycntacted.Waitingforreply…HTTP/1
.1 200 OK1.05/5.59kb 19% |||||||||||||||||Loading…
csrf pixel≪ ↑ ↓ Viewing[SSL] <scatter chart made by xxxxxx | plotly>libgpm: zero screen dimension, assuming 80x25.

It hangs hard, not responding to keyboard interrupts and requiring a kill to terminate.