Plot corresponding GPS data with other data (race car)

Hello all,
I’m a relatively new user of Plotly and I’m currently trying to build an interactive data visualization for a race car. I’m currently plotting all sensor datas over a timestamp in a subplot which works pretty well. I’ve additionally shared the x axis (time) for all plots, so I can always see the appropriate y-values for the zoomed in time.

Now I wanted to extend the subplots and add a “GPS position” plot, so that I can somehow see where the car is in the timestamp xy (and therefore match the subplots to a position). Sadly I have no clue how to do this or if this is possible. If it is, which would be the best way to achieve something like this?
Can I just add the “GPS plot” to the subplot? And can I then somehow add additional data (timestamp) to the GPS plot, so that I know when the car was where? Or is there another method to do this even better?
I’ve thought about maybe showing the timestamp in the hoverinfo of the GPS plot if there is no better solution.

That’s what I currently have:

Where the left plots are all sensor data taken in specific time stamps and the lower right plot should symbolize the GPS plot.

I would appreciate every help and input! Thanks in advance!

Edit for clarification: Here is a link to a visualization tool where you can always see the corresponding GPS position to the data