Plot 3D in natural scale

I’d like to plot 3D objects in natural scale but even I define the size of the three axis equally, the view is deformed so the plot won’t be proportionally scaled.
I use layout’s scene method without success.
scene: {
xaxis: {range: [-18, 0]},
yaxis: {range: [-18, 0]},
zaxis: {range: [0, 18]}

In some cases of my data sequence, the three axis have the same size but in others I get distortion.
Any idea about the reason?

Thanks in Advanced!

Here’s how:

plotly.js tries to be smart by scaling back the scene to a cude when x/y/z are too dissimilar.

By setting scene.aspectratio: 'data', the x/y/z range are always honored.


Thanks etienne! Now it works as I wish.

aspectmode: 'data' works for me, scene.aspectratio: 'data' is giving me an error.

It works well, thanks