How can I define axis scale on the screen to avoid stretching in 3d updated plots?

hello, I’m having a bit of an odd issue regarding axis scale as it is mapped to the screen. I’m trying to make a pretty simple visual effect where concentric circles revolve about a common axis; however, when i update the plot, the scale of the axes change and it causes a wobble in the image. It’s somewhat hard to explain so I’ll leave the example here. I’ll remove the gridlines for the final product but for now I’ve left them on so it’s more clear what I mean. I’ve turned off auto range and defined my own ranges, defined the camera view, defined just about as much as I can. I would really love some help with how I can avoid this scaling issue. Thank you for your time!

The effect in question

was able to prevent scale resizing with layout = {scene:{aspectratio:{x:1,y:1,z:1}}}

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